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Robotclix is conceptualized to train students with Artificial intelligence and handling practical concepts of Robotic kits to make them aware of future technology.

Robotclix has its unit of manufacturers, Research team and deploys advanced robotics systems for automation at warehouses; we have world-class hardware and software engineering and the passion to solve complex problems. Founded in 2017 Headquarters in Guntur and the research and development center in Hyderabad, India.

With more and more schools adopting Robotics as a platform to enrich and enhance science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) courses, there is a need for an integrated program which allows teachers to seamlessly add vex into their classrooms. As such we have worked with various partners to create an array of vexing curriculum offerings, each tailored to the specific needs of teachers wishing to incorporate vex into their classes. These offerings were developed by forward-thinking organizations with years of experience creating the tools to keep STEM education exciting and inspiring.


Who we are?

Robotclix education and workshop engages students with an inspirational and innovative way to hunt their possibilities of their career.

The Robotics Academy creates easy-to-use Robotics Education Curriculum that allows students to go from having no Robotics Experience, to programming advanced behaviors. We base our entire curriculum off of the best robotics platforms that are available in the market. Students will learn the basics of robotic concepts and will gain the practical experience while working on the Robotic Kits.

Our mission

To Discover the Robots and Automation with AI techniques for farming.

Precision manufacturing of humanoids and Development of Automation with artificial intelligence.

A new breed of robots that can work directly alongside humans, with built-in safety systems that automatically stop the robot arm’s operation if it encounters objects or people while moving.

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Our workshops are designed to engage participants with hands-on exercises, visual displays of key learning points, case studies that bring abstract principles to life and are conducted in an entertaining and compelling fashion.

Experienced Trainers

We have highly skilled trainers located at our offices. They are all experienced professionals, many of whom are recognised international experts in their individual fields.


Becoming a Certified Robot Integrator is an important consideration. It distinguishes you not only for your high level of skill and experience but for having met the exacting requirements of rigorous certification process.







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